Overseas and Special Performances

In its history, the band has proudly represented Bermuda abroad as a unit or as part of a contingent. It is the band’s agenda to try to travel overseas at least every other year (every year if possible), depending on whether or not a major local event and member availability allows. A list of trips and major events in recent times include:

  • 1986, ’87, ’88            Stone Mountain Tattoo, Atlanta,GA  (contingent with Bermuda Regtiment Band)
  • 1989                             Festival of Tartans, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
  • 1995                             Bermuda Tattoo, National Sports Centre, Bermuda
  • 1999                             St Patrick Day Parade, Yulan, NY
  • 2001                             Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Washington, DC (with the Bermuda Regiment Band)
  • 2002                             Tartan Day Parade, NYC
  • 2003                             Nova Scotia International Tattoo, Halifax, NS
  • 2004                             Tartan Day Parade, NYC
  • 2005                             Bermuda Tattoo, Dockyard, Bermuda
  • 2005                             Musicschau der Nationen, Bremen, Germany (with the Bermuda Regiment Band and the National Gombey Troupe)
  • 2007                             Virginia International Tattoo, Norfolk, VA (with the Bermuda Regiment Band, Warners Gombeys and Vasco Da Gama cultural dance group)
  • 2008                             St Patricks Day Parade, Boston, MA
  • 2009                             Bermuda Tattoo, Dockyard, Bermuda
  • 2011                              Fortissimo (hosted by the Ceremonial Guard of Canada), Ottawa, Canada
  • 2012                             Bermuda Day Parade with visiting band Edmonton Police Service Pipes & Drums
  • 2012                             Bermuda Highland Games, Sandys 360, Bermuda

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